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May 15, 2019

Welcome to VanguardEffect, this community is a new and hopefully upcoming popular community full of groups of people who love to game and be part of something amazing.

At VanguardEffect we have many projects in development and in planning. These include, Vanguard Effect Roleplay which is currently in development and is set to be our flagship server. We have have Garry's Mod MiniGames in planning and Minecraft Bungee.

At VanguardEffect we use fully custom code, no other code from any other gamemodes was used in this community. We have however used a couple of GmodStore addons which have been re-developed to work with our servers. The makers of these addons will get credit. If you would like to contact us regarding this please feel free to talk to any of us in Discord or Private message me on the forums.

Our community would not be here without the incineration of PERP (Pulsar Effect Roleplay) in VoltageGaming and the rest of the Hellzone. We would like to thank Killslick who owns these communities of inspiring us to do this project. Killslick may not like us and may say things about us but in the end we respect him for running PERP this long. The PERP gamemode will be getting credited in our community launch of Vanguard Effect Roleplay.

We would like to welcome all members from Frequency9 and other parts of the Garry's Mod community. No one is banned here (Yet), so everyone is welcome on our servers. We do not look into the past and we hope you do not either.

As we have said in the past, Frequency9 Donors will get a rank in this community, another post will be made in the coming days regarding this.

We hope to see you around in Discord and the servers when they launch.

- Jamie, Maze, Robbeem, Wheaty, Paris and Ricky


P.S - Here are a few leaks of the gamemode progress. We hope you enjoy. (The HUD is Animated hence why none of it looks aligned!)

( Inventory System)


(Trucker Job with a mission)

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